"Last thing before casting a line: name the bait on your hook after somebody you cherished. If the person you name it after cherished you, as the superstition goes, you will catch the fish.” “And what did you name it?” “Abigail.

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Sherlock Meme - two places [1/2]
↳ Appledore

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2.04 - 煮合 (Takiawase)

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Companions + being cool with the fact that Doctor is an alien.

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I imagine it went something like this.
  • Cecil: Alright, Janice. You can put ol' uncle Cecil down for five-thousand boxes. *yelling over his shoulder* Did you hear that, Steve Carlsberg?! Five-THOUSAND boxes! That's about five-thousand more than YOU bought! What do you think about that?!
  • Steve: Cecil, that's wonderful! This is really gonna help the girl scouts of Night Vale. You're a great role model for...
  • Cecil: Shut up, Steve! Nobody cares what you think!
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make me choose : Sherlock or Khan ( asked by mybendict )

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry to hear that you might be sick. I hope you feel better soon dear!

Thank you, love ; V ;

According to my cousin I sound like a strangled chicken hahaha

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I think I’m sick and I’m starting to lose my voice ;A;

Alone protects me. 

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take things slow as we may bruise
break my knuckles feel them crack