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I don’t want you to be here." "I don’t want me to be here."

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Misscommunication (Johnlock ficlet)


Sherlock knew instantly that something was amiss.

The light from the two windows in the living room slanted across the flat and lit the curves and wrinkles of John’s face, highlighting the tenseness in his brow, the determined set of his jaw, and the slight pursing of his lips. All of them familiar signs of anxiety in John’s body, and all of them setting off instant warning flags in Sherlock’s mind.

He paused, momentarily, looking up from his set of beakers. As soon as his eyes met John’s, John looked away. Taking his hands in and out of his pockets. Pretending to examine the wallpaper. Not normal, not okay. Sherlock narrowed his eyes.

He cleared his throat. “John…?”

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In my headcanon, one of the reasons why Rose was crying when she was in the Bad Wolf state was that she could see all the pain that was lying ahead for her and the Doctor. We know that the Bad Wolf was able to warn the Doctor in Turn Left, so it’s possible that for a moment, Rose was able to see everything that was going to happen; even the Time Lord Victorious or the Doctor’s regeneration.


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Anonymous asked: KAI YOUR ART IS KILLING ME CAUSE IT'S ALL SO CUTE AND ADORABLE AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! :D (you're gonna kill me with all the cuteness, I swear).

Aww wow thank you anon ;//w//;

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Benedict Cumberbatch » facial expressions

 Interview for Harpers Bazaar, My Cultural Life Sept. 2010 (x)

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Sherlock and his riding crop

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you know what fuck it i give up

all the streams are lagging and my computer’s about to freeze up completely

i’ll just watch the episode tomorrow

Does anyone have any good working live streams for watching Fargo tonight? Everything I’ve found is either lagging or broken ;m;

Help please?


Beautiful eyes of Sherlock Holmes in every episode of BBC Sherlock